For many years, there had been only one dance school to enrol your child in if they wanted to learn Jazz/Funk, Tap or Ballet in Mount Isa. When Sally Prendergast first introduced the idea of creating her own dance school, we, like many other parents, jumped at the idea and expressed our interest. We already knew Sally from when she previously worked at the other school, and knew she had a great rapport with the students and brought fun to her classes.

When she first opened her own dance school, Sally poured everything she had into the business despite so many obstacles (trying to find a suitable hall being the ongoing biggest obstacle of all). When she got started you could see how happy all of the kids were. Our daughter left every class with a smile on her face.

Sally puts so much time, effort and money into ensuring that all of the kids are performing to their best ability as well as having fun while doing it, regardless of their abilities. In the very first year of the business being open, she had managed to book a performance at the basketball grand finals, and produced an entire concert as well as teaching all the classes by herself at much personal sacrifice.

Sally has continued to secure more high profile public performances and has entered groups into the local Eisteddfod providing invaluable performance opportunities for her students. We wish Sally continued success with her dance school DiLi – Dream it, Live it.

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