Intermediate Performance Group (10-12 years) – Tuesday 5.45pm


Intermediate Performance Group Term Fees – 8 weeks

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Intermediate Performance Group (10-12 years)   Tuesday 5.45pm – 6.30pm
Baptist Church Hall, 24 Isa Street, Mount Isa

Intermediate Performance Group for 10-12 year old students is a class that offers a next level up for students who want to push their technique and further develop their performance skills. Additional rehearsal time and performance time will be required as well as the purchase of costumes & dance shoes, however the experience gained is invaluable for developing teamwork, courage, independence, drive, confidence as well as increased technical ability. Students participating in the Performance Group must be enrolled in at least one other dance class at DiLi and it is highly recommended that Performance Group Students book into ballet as a foundation technical class.

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