Customer Satisfaction – Survey Report

You spoke – we listened!

In April 2017, I emailed a Customer Satisfaction Survey asking a range of questions about the quality of service provided at DiLi – Dream it, Live it as well as the functionality of our website.

Thank you!!  I received a lot of incredibly helpful feedback that will assist me to improve customer service at DiLi – Dream it, Live it and will also ensure I am able to provide value to my customers into the future!

Overwhelmingly the highest portion of respondents heard about DiLi – Dream it, Live it via Word of Mouth or Referral from a friend so thank you to all of you who tell your friends about our DiLi family – I appreciate it more than you know! Here is the breakdown of all responses:





The top three reasons that persuaded you to book into dance classes at DiLi are shown in this word cloud:








92% of respondents classed their customer service experience at DiLi – Dream it, Live it as Very Positive, 4% Positive and 4% Neutral. Compared to our competitors, 39% of respondents classified the quality of service at DiLi – Dream it, Live it as A Great Deal Better than our competitors, 35% didn’t know and 26% said the quality of our service is Quite a Bit Better than our competitors. I am very proud of these results, however it is my goal to do all I can to work towards continuous improvement in our customer service standards and I look forward to implementing many of the suggestions given by our customers in this survey!

57% of respondents said staff at DiLi – Dream it, Live it understood their questions and concerns extremely well, 39% very well and 4% somewhat well. I would like to increase the extremely well portion of answers to this question next time I release this survey so I am planning to introduce some new and more convenient ways for customers to communicate with our staff. More information to come soon!

30% of respondents said that they did not think anything was missing from DiLi – Dream it, Live it, however 20% said that the big thing missing is a permanent home base. A studio space that would allow for more flexibility in timetabling, rehearsal space, etc. I couldn’t agree more with this feedback and that is certainly a long-term goal once DiLi is in a financial position to invest in a permanent space. The other things people identified as missing from DiLi include:

50% of respondents said that their questions/concerns were addressed in a much shorter time than expected by DiLi – Dream it, Live it staff, 45% said shorter than expected and 5% said it was about what they expected. Up until recently I have been working full time during the day and running the dance school after hours. I have now resigned my role at MIETV in order to expand the DiLi timetable and to dedicate my working hours to my own businesses. This will also result in more focused attention towards providing effective communication with my DiLi – Dream it, Live it customers.

The majority of respondents said that they found the DiLi – Dream it, Live it website to be Very Engaging. They also found the DiLi website Very Easy to use and found the information found on the DiLi website to be Very Useful. The average rating for the DiLi website given was 8/10. A number of new initiatives are being considered and/or planned for the DiLi – Dream it, Live it website and this is how likely survey respondents said they would be to use these initiatives:




83% of survey respondents said that they were Very Satisfied with the dance classes at DiLi – Dream it, Live it with 79% saying they felt the teacher was Extremely Organised for class and 67% finding dance classes Extremely Motivating. I am incredibly proud of these results both from the perspective that there is a lot we are doing well at DiLi – Dream it, Live it but also we have plenty of room to improve and do better!

62% of respondents said they found the value for money of the dance classes at DiLi to be excellent and the remaining 38% above average. 71% of respondents said they would recommend DiLi – Dream it, Live it to a friend or colleague.

Thank you again for helping me to aspire to greater customer service and improved standards in the products and services we offer!!