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Performance Groups at DiLi – Dream it, Live it are a great opportunity for students at our Award Winning Mount Isa Dance School to push themselves technically as well as enhancing their performance skills. Performance Groups learn dance routines that they then perform at local events (such as school fetes, the Street Parade during rodeo week and the Mount Isa City Council Carols event) and at competitions.

DiLi Performance Groups compete each year at the Mount Isa Eisteddfod, the Dirty Feet Outback Dance Festival in Julia Creek and the Charters Towers Eisteddfod.

Students wishing to take part in a Performance Group class need to be enrolled in at least two other classes at DiLi, one of which must be ballet as a foundation technical class. Performance Group students also have access to the Unlimited Discount Packages where students can book into as many classes as they like each term for a set price.


Performance group students need to have black jazz shoes, ballet shoes, tan and ballet tights and may need additional items such as foot thongs or other specific tights. There will also be additional rehearsals outside of class time and specific costumes required – the details of these including costs will be communicated to all participants during term one.

Competitive dance can be challenging at times and it is important to reinforce the following fundamental lessons for your dancer in regard to competitions:

  • be able to win and lose gracefully
  • learn new skills and want to better themselves
  • enjoy improved self esteem

Good sportsmanship is key both within the DiLi – Dream it, Live it family and with all other dancers, teachers and officials at competitions.


DiLi - Dream it, Live it | Solo and Duo Performers

Competing as a soloist or in a duo/trio is a great opportunity for dancers to challenge themselves and is also a wonderful training ground for improved dance technique, increased performance ability and improved confidence. Competition dancers learn how to rehearse effectively, work efficiently in class to prepare, work through nerves, focus amidst adrenaline and they get comfortable under those stage lights.

One of the big benefits of competing is that dancers get to hear the personalised thoughts, opinions and expertise of industry professionals. Not only can dancers improve and receive several ideas about their training through these critiques, but they, along with their teachers, can begin to understand how to dissect their choreography and find ways to make their performance more appealing to their audience. This alone (and well above the value of any trophy) is a great reason to consider competition dancing.


With the wonderful opportunities presented in competitive dance, there are also a number of things to be aware of. It is vital that students do not base their worth on a piece of plastic. A trophy is never a good reason to dive into the world of competitive dance! Dance is SUBJECTIVE, and even political at times.  Any given day with a different set of judges, a different result could be met.

Placements should not mean much. It is important to remember that (aside from actual technical flaws/weaknesses) it is often opinion, not fact, that says one dancer is better than the other. Students must be reminded not to decide that just because they didn’t place in the top 5 that they are somehow worthless.  They must instead take those worth-their-weight-in-gold judges critiques and find out what they can work on to get a better score and -more importantly- become a better dancer.  Then go back to the studio and do it!


Students wanting to become a competition dancer as a soloist or as part of a duo or trio need to consider the following:

  • Students must be doing a class in the style of solo or duo/trio they wish to compete. For example, if a students want to compete in a Contemporary solo section then they must be doing Contemporary classes at DiLi.
  • Students will ‘keep’ their solo or duo/trio for three years. It will be updated as required, however it is the students responsibility to rehearse, remember and work on improving their performance outside of class time.
  • Students wanting a new solo or duo/trio can expect approximately 10 x half hour private lessons (at $30 each) to complete and polish the routine. This may vary depending on how quickly the student learns the choreography. Lessons may be reduced to 15 minute slots closer to competition time for polishing only of a routine.
  • It is recommended that students have an iPad or something similar to record their routine in class time and then to have that recording to practice with at home and backstage at competitions (with headphones) as they warm up and prepare before their performance.
  • Students should make a plan to rehearse outside of class time – scheduling the time works best and having someone to watch them (especially if they are new to competitions) is incredibly beneficial. Ideally, competition dancers have time set aside to practice daily.
  • Parents are responsible for entering students into competitions. Entries for the Mount Isa Eisteddfod can be processed via www.stardom.com.au – entries close Sunday 24th March.
  • Music will also be emailed to competitors and then it is their responsibility to submit the music as required and to burn a backup CD to bring with them on competition day. DiLi can provide this service at $15 per item.
  • Dancers need a costume for each item they perform. Costumes must be approved by the teacher and can either be purchased through DiLi at approximately $85 each or hired for $45 each.
  • DiLi – Dream it, Live it will be competing at three competitions during 2019: The Mount Isa Eistedddfod 13-16 June, The Dirty Feet Outback Dance Festival in Julia Creek 21-22 September, The Charters Towers Eisteddfod 23-26 August (dates TBC).

Please contact Sally ASAP to enquire about participating in competitions during 2019. Students have already started learning routines and private lesson time availability is limited.

DiLi - Dream it, Live it | Mount Isa Dance School | Competition Team

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