2019 Timetable – Term 1

DiLi – Dream it, Live it is a Dance School in Mount Isa offering quality instruction in a safe and inclusive environment. We offer a broad range of dance and movement classes for students as young as two years old through to adults. Our Mount Isa Dance and Movement Class Timetable is shown below – click on the Book Now button to find out more.

Our classes include Kinder Dance, Tumble Tots, Active Tots, Yoga Tots and Ninja Kids as part of our pre-school program. We also offer classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz/Funk, Hip Hop, Contemporary, AcroDance, Tap Dance and Boys Only classes.

9.00-9.45amTumble Tots (3-5 yrs)
10.00-10.45amBeginner Boys Ninja (3-5 yrs)
10.45-11.30amBeginner Kids Ninja (3-5 yrs)
3.30-4.15pmJunior Boys Ninja (6-9 yrs)
4.15-5.30pmSenior AcroDance (13+ yrs)
5.30-6.45pmSenior Jazz/Funk (13+ yrs)
6.45-7.30pmSenior Hip Hop (13+ yrs)
7.30-8.15pmAdult Dance Fit!
3.00-3.30pmJunior Boys Hip Hop (7-9 yrs)
3.30-4.15pmIntermediate Hip Hop (10-12 yrs)
4.15-5.15pmIntermediate Jazz/Funk (10-12 yrs)
5.15-6.00pmOpen Tap (10+ yrs)
6.00-6.45pmSenior Contemporary (13+ yrs)
6.45-7.30pmSenior Ballet (13+ yrs)
7.30-8.15pmSenior Performance Group (13+ yrs)
9.00-9.45amTumble Tots (3-5 yrs)
9.45-10.30amYoga Tots (3-5 yrs)
10.30-11.15amActive Tots (3-5 yrs)
3.00-3.30pmPrimary Jazz/Funk (5-6 yrs)
3.30-4.00pmPrimary Tap (5-6 yrs)
4.00-4.45pmJunior Contemporary (7-9 yrs)
4.45-5.45pmJunior AcroDance (7-9 yrs)
5.45-6.30pmJunior Hip Hop (7-9 years)
6.30-8.00pmAcro Skill Development (10+ years)
10.30-11.15amBeginner Boys Ninja (3-5 yrs)
3.15-4.00pmPrimary AcroDance (5-6 yrs)
4.00-5.15pmIntermediate AcroDance (10-12 yrs)
5.15-6.00pmInter Contemporary (10-12 yrs)
6.00-6.45pmIntermediate Ballet (10-12 yrs)
6.45-7.30pmInter Performance Group (10-12 yrs)
9.00-9.45amActive Tots (3-5 yrs)
3.15-4.00pmJunior Performance Group (7-9 yrs)
4.00-4.45pmJunior Ballet (7-9 yrs)
4.45-5.30pmJunior Jazz/Funk (7-9 yrs)
5.30-6.00pmJunior Tap (7-9 yrs)
6.00-6.30pmComplete Beginner Tap (7+ yrs)
9.00-9.30amKinder Dance (2-3 yrs)
9.30-10.00amKinder Dance (3-4 yrs)
10.00-10.30amBeginner Jazz/Funk (4-5 yrs)
10.30-11.00amBeginner Ballet (4-5 yrs)
11.00-11.30amBeginner AcroDance (4-5 yrs)
11.30-12.00pmPrimary Ballet (5-6 yrs)
12.00-12.30pmPrimary Jazz/Funk (5-6 yrs)