• Students are required to complete an enrolment form when commencing classes with DiLi. This information is required for administrative and safety purposes.
  • DiLi reserves the right to change class times, change teachers or cancel classes if necessary.
  • Re-enrolment will occur at the end of each term to give current students the option to re-enrol for the next term before places are open to new students. Full payment will be required before the school holidays to guarantee your child’s place for the following term.
  • Forms can be scanned and emailed to info@dreamitliveit.com.au, posted to DiLi at PO Box 2263, Mount Isa  QLD  4825, or handed to the teacher in an envelope with the student’s name on the front.
  • Class places are only held until the due date for payment. Any students who have not formally re-enrolled by this date risk losing their class place to new students and those on waiting lists.
  • If you would like to book in for any additional classes or would like to change class style or day, please check availability first by emailing Sally at info@dreamitliveit.com.au


  • Refunds will not be given for term fees or deposits as your child has taken a term place, however term fees will be adjusted to allow for any classes cancelled by DiLi.
  • All fees are payable in advance. Please let DiLi know if you are having difficulties paying fees, as payment plans can always be arranged in special circumstances. All payments (except for casual payment for adult classes which must be paid in cash on the day) can be made either via cash or direct deposit. Any accounts that are unpaid by the end of the second week of term may result in students losing their class place.
  • Payments made by direct deposit can be made to the following account:    Bank: CBA,    Account Name: DiLi,    BSB: 064 815,    Account Number: 1047 8514


DiLi does not have specific uniform requirements but rather encourages students to wear any dance gear of their choice that is appropriate to the style of dance they are participating in. It is our hope that this allows students to feel comfortable and allows parents to keep costs down.

  • Kinder Dance – any clothing or special dance outfit that is easy to move in and makes the student feel good. Bare feet is preferable.
  • Classical Ballet – leotard and skirt of any style and/or colour. Ballet shoes with elastic (no ribbon).
  • Jazz/Funk – Any dance gear that is stretchy and easy to move in such as a leotard and shorts, leggings and a t-shirt, etc. Black split sole jazz shoes.
  • Tap – Any dance gear that is stretchy and easy to move in such as a leotard and shorts, leggings and a t-shirt, etc. Tan tap shoes.
  • Contemporary – Any dance gear that is stretchy and easy to move in such as a leotard and shorts, leggings and a t-shirt, etc. Bare feet or plain ‘nude’ colour foot thongs.
  • Hip Hop – Any dance gear that is stretchy and easy to move in. Street shoes (white shoes such as a converse style shoe will be required for the end of year concert).

Parents Can Watch Classes

That’s right! At DiLi, all our classes are open, which means parents are welcome to watch anytime! We don’t mean the last five minutes and we’re not talking watching through a viewing window. At DiLi parents are greeted with open arms!

Currently, the old dance school philosophy of keeping parents out of the studio as a general policy just doesn’t sit right. As a parent, we believe it is important that you can see how the teacher interacts with your child. To see how your child is dancing and progressing and to see how the students in the class get along.

Each class at DiLi follows a standard format and lesson structure, but our parents understand that when working with little ones, sometimes things don’t go according to the lesson plan and other days our little ballerinas ‘perform’ to perfection. But this is part of the honesty.

We do have some rules for parent watching so that all students can get the most out of each lesson:

  • Please remain quiet while the class is in progress so as not to distract the dancers.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched to silent.
  • Parents are asked to sit in the designated seating areas and not in the dance space for safety reasons.
  • We love little brothers and sisters watching too! We do ask however, that they remain quietly seated and not participate in classes.
  • Still photography of your own ballerina is welcome, however video, DVD or mobile phone recording of the whole class is strictly prohibited unless consent has been given by all parents.

End of Year Concert

DiLi will be holding an end of year concert at the Mount Isa Civic Centre on Saturday 2nd December starting at 2.00pm, with a rehearsal on Sunday 26th November.  The concert is held gymnastics-mount-isa-danceearly afternoon (rather than in the evening) to suit families with young children. The Concert is not compulsory and students are welcome to continue attending classes during term four even if they decide not to be part of the concert.

There are generally two additional rehearsals out of normal class time leading up to the concert – one is a dress rehearsal and the other is a rehearsal at the theatre so that students have an opportunity to be comfortable with the stage before the concert day.

Students performing in only one half of the concert will be eligible for a complimentary ticket so that they can sit with their family during the half of the show in which they are not performing.

Students will be required to purchase a costume for each class they are enrolled in for the concert. Costume prices are usually $85 each and students will need the appropriate shoes that they dance in throughout the year. There are no stringent hair or make-up requirements for the concert – usually a ponytail is fine for girls and make-up is light and natural and reserved for older students only.

A photographer takes live photos at the concert and they will be available for sale. A DVD of the concert will also be available for pre-order.

Please Note:

  • Please ensure your child brings a named drink bottle to every class – hydration is incredibly important during physical activity.
  • DiLi takes no responsibility for property that is left behind at class venues by customers and students.
  • dreamitliveit.com.au will be updated regularly with important information, and should be checked for the most current details.
  • Corrections to posture and technique of movements will sometimes require physical contact by teaching staff.
  • DiLi take no responsibility for students outside of their class time. Parents are asked to let their children know that they must wait inside with the teacher if they are running late.
  • Students missing classes are expected to notify DiLi, as failure to do so may result in the student losing their place in the class.
  • Please give written notification of change of address.