End of Year Concert

End of Year Concert

DiLi will be holding its 2019 End of Year Showcase at the Mount Isa Civic Centre on Sunday 8th December.

The Junior Showcase for students in Primary, Beginner, Pre-school and Kinder Dance classes will start at 10.30am and the afternoon Showcase for all other students will start at 2.00pm. There will be a dress rehearsal at the Mount Isa Civic Centre on Sunday 24th November and Sunday 1st December.

What is a showcase? Great question!! A showcase is just another way of saying concert – it is the end of year performance that gives our students the opportunity to show off their talents to family, friends and to the local community.

The end of year DiLi Showcase is open to all students from Kinder Dance up to Senior classes, however this event is not compulsory and students are welcome to continue attending classes during term four even if they decide not to be part of the end of year showcase event.

Are kinder dance & beginner students in the showcase?

Yes! Our 2-6 year old students are welcome to be part of our 2019 End of Year Junior Showcase event! This event will be held at the Mount Isa Civic Centre on Sunday 8th December starting at 10.30am and is separate to the main showcase. It will run for approximately 45 minutes and is a great introduction to performing for our little dancers. Here is what to consider before deciding whether your little dancer should be part of this event:

  • Can your child currently participate in class without a parent or adult they know being close by?
  • Will your child be okay back stage for an hour being looked after by people they don’t know?
  • Does your child cope with large crowds of people?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, have a chat to Miss Sally to decide whether it might be better to come along and watch the showcase this year as a warm-up to participating next year 🙂  This can be a great way of ensuring your child doesn’t have a negative experience.


What do I need?

Costume – Students are required to purchase a costume for each class they are enrolled in for the concert. Costumes are priced at $85 each – they can be purchased anytime from our website by clicking HERE and full payment is due by 14th September (please note that costumes must be ordered and paid for in full with manufacturers early to guarantee delivery in time – customers who have not paid for their costumes by the due date will not be able to participate in the concert).


These are the tights that students need:

If you don’t already have them, tights can be purchased from our web site by clicking HERE – please note that they must be ordered by 14th September to be delivered in time for the Showcase. Please also note that orders for tights must be paid in full at time of order to be processed.


These are the shoes that you need:Mount Isa Dance | DiLi - Dream it, Live it | Dance Shoes


Girls in the 10.30am Showcase will need to have their hair in a Dance Hair | DiLi - Dream it, Live it | Mount Isa Dance Showcaseneat ponytail (or neatly off the face for shorter hair), and boys hair neat and off the face. Junior, Intermediate & Senior level students will need a donut bun (please see instructions in picture). The ‘donuts’ can be purchased from supermarkets, chemists or Dollars & Cents – you will also need ‘U’ pins, a hair net and hairspray to keep it secure and you will need bobby pins to keep hair pieces in place.

Make up

Not required for the Junior Showcase (Primary, Beginner, Pre-school & Kinder students).  Junior, Intermediate, Senior & Open level girls need foundation, blush, eye shadow in natural colours, black mascara and red lipstick. Senior level students also need black eyeliner & false eyelashes.

Dance Make-up | DiLi - Dream it, Live it | Mount Isa Dance Showcase

Concert Tickets

The DiLi End of Year Showcase tickets will go on sale Monday 21st October from the Mount Isa Civic Centre Box Office at 23 West Street, or by phone 4747 3300 or online from the MIETV website.  Tickets for the Junior Showcase at 10.30am are $16 for adults and $11 for children. Tickets for the Main Showcase at 2.00pm are $28 for adults and $19 for children.

Photo’s & DVD

Showcase DVD’s can be pre-ordered on the DiLi website by clicking HERE. They are priced at $36 each up until the end of November and then $42 when ordered after then. Please note that DVD orders must be paid in full at time of order to be processed. Photo’s will be taken live by Leonie Winks Photography at both the Junior Showcase as well as the afternoon Showcase and will be available for sale online.


There will be a Dress Rehearsal on Sunday 24th November and Sunday 1st December at the Mount Isa Civic Centre. These will be ‘dress rehearsals’  with all students in costume/tights/shoes and hair done (no make-up required). These rehearsals are a great opportunity for students to get comfortable with dancing on the stage leading up to the Showcase Performance. Click HERE to see the rehearsal schedules – students need to be at the Civic Centre 10 minutes before their allocated time in costume and ready to dance.

On the Day

Students need to arrive at the rear Stage Door at the Mount Isa Civic Centre on Sunday 8th December at the following times:

  • Primary Students 9.50am
  • Beginner Students 10.00am
  • Kinder Dance & Pre-school Students 10.10am
  • Senior students 1.00pm
  • Intermediate students 1.20pm
  • Junior students 1.40pm

Students should be dressed in their costume, tights and dance shoes with hair & make up done ready to perform (no jewellery please). Any additional costumes should be brought along on a hanger with tights/shoes/headpiece in a bag on the hanger (please make sure laces are undone and tights are out of their packet and not inside-out).

The Junior Showcase is anticipated to run for 45 minutes. Each half of the Main Showcase is anticipated to be approximately 1 hour in length. Students can bring a water bottle and things to do, but we ask that they don’t bring food – we will have fruit available. Please note that any items of value will be unattended while students are performing. There will be monitors backstage where students can enjoy watching the show and there will be a large contingent of staff to look after the performers, help with changes, do toilet runs, etc.

Students will stay backstage for the full show this year – please note that for security reasons, there will be no access to backstage once the show starts through to the end of the show. Students will then be collected at the end of the show with entry via the rear stage door and exit via the stage (to ensure a smooth flow of traffic) – please note that this will be a busy time and we ask for your patience and assistance to ensure the process is as calm and stress-free as possible for everyone.