End of Year Concert

End of Year Concert

DiLi will be holding an end of year Showcase at the Mount Isa Civic Centre on Saturday 2nd December starting at 2.00pm, with a rehearsal at the theatre on Sunday 26th November.  The concert is held early afternoon (rather than in the evening) to suit families with young children. What is a showcase? Great question!! A showcase is just another way of saying concert – it is the end of year performance that gives our students the opportunity to show off their talents to family, friends and the local community.

The end of year DiLi Showcase is open to all students from Kinder Dance up to Senior classes, however this event is not compulsory and students are welcome to continue attending classes during term four even if they decide not to be part of the end of year showcase event. Adult classes are not included in the end of year Showcase  🙂

There are generally two additional rehearsals out of normal class time leading up to the Showcase – one is a dress rehearsal at the hall and the other is a rehearsal at the theatre so that students have an opportunity to be comfortable with the stage before the big day.

Students performing in only one half of the Showcase will be eligible for a complimentary ticket so that they can sit with their family during the half of the show in which they are not performing.

Students will be required to purchase a costume for each class they are enrolled in for the concert. Costume prices are $79 each and students will need the appropriate shoes that they dance in throughout the year. There are no stringent hair or make-up requirements for the concert – usually a ponytail is fine for girls and make-up is light and natural with full stage make-up reserved for older students only.

A photographer takes live photos at the Showcase and these will be available for sale. A DVD of the concert will also be available for pre-order.

Tickets can be purchased from the Mount Isa Civic Centre or click HERE to buy online.