Class Descriptions

DiLi – Dream it, Live it offers classes in the following dance styles:


Kinder Dance

At DiLi we offer Kinder Dance classes for 3-4 year old children. Rather than a style specificKinder Dance B class, Kinder Dance encompasses a range of movement types and aims to help children develop a life-long love for dance and music. Children can often become bored if an activity is too easy or frustrated if it’s too hard.  It is important that children be challenged within their ability level, so we have developed an age appropriate class structure to ensure happy, healthy little dancers!

Children learn best through exploration and discovery. We foster and encourage that process by ensuring that our young students are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of movement activities while being encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems utilising their own bodies. Our Kinder Dance classes provide a safe, inclusive and fun environment for students to be able to play, explore and learn.

As a starting point for little dancers, DiLi’s unique Kinder Dance program focuses on confidence and competence in fundamental movement activities as the foundation for all future physical and sporting activities. Kinder Dance is a fantastic way to develop your child’s motor skills, coordination, self-esteem, spatial awareness, self-expression, ability to follow instructions, musicality, creativity and so much more!


Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is a beautiful style of dance that teaches students fitness, strength and Ballet A
flexibility alongside artistry, musicality and creativity. A classical ballet class has two distinct parts being the barre and the centre. Barre exercises allow for basic training as movement is broken down into smaller parts with the support of the barre for balance. The centre exercises in a ballet class allow for longer and more complex combinations as students develop their technique and become more confident.

At the highest level, classical ballet dancers are able to fly through the air with impressive jumps, turn and spin with immense speed in pirouettes and display great beauty and artistry through dance movements and mime. Classical ballet is a lot of fun and is a wonderful foundation for all other styles of dance!



Jazz/Funk is an energetic and fun form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual styleJazz Funk and originality and can best be described as the style of dance that you see in today’s music video clips and dance performance shows. Jazz/Funk is a fun fusion of a range of dance styles and is designed to develop the latest jazz and funk techniques, musicality, coordination, confidence, flexibility, and presentation.

Emerging in the 1980’s this dance form was brought about by the popularisation and commercial influence of Hip Hop dance. Jazz/Funk, also referred to as Commercial Jazz or Street Jazz, borrows a lot of movement from other dance styles. From ballet, contemporary, hip hop and even lyrical, Jazz/Funk incorporates bits and pieces of other dance genres and wraps it all up into a funky style that is both fun and expressive!



AcroDance is a beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of AcroDanceacrobatics. The AcroDance program is designed with carefully thought out progressions so that the teacher can introduce new skills as the dancer has trained their body for the skill and is ready for it. This greatly reduces the potential for injury, creates good technique, and helps dancers to progress more quickly (in the long run).

The AcroDance program focuses on promoting excellence in the fundamentals of flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, tumbling, basic contortion, and partner/group stunting for dancers. Along with these fundamentals, AcroDance also trains dancers to seamlessly integrate musicality, expression, extension, control and line to ensure they have a well rounded movement vocabulary.

AcroDance is a great pathway for gymnasts however it is not the same as gymnastics, as all of the acrobatic skills are completed on a hard stage without the advantage of a sprung floor.  The sprung floor allows the gymnast to complete much more difficult tumbling when compared to what is recommended for each level of AcroDance. Many of the skills taught in AcroDance may look the same as gymnastics, but they are taught differently to compensate for the conditions of the performance space and for the transitions in and out of different dance combinations. Neither the ‘AcroDance’ way or the ‘Gymnastics’ way are wrong, but they are different.



Contemporary dance classes assist with the development of creative and expressive Contemporarymovement as well as enhance spatial and body awareness as dancers gain fluidity of movement, grace and control. Contemporary choreography pulls from a variety of other dance styles such as modern, jazz, lyrical, and ballet.

Contemporary dance technique incorporates both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet as well as a unique focus on contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and the versatility of improvisation skills. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used as well.

This style of dance improves a dancers’ ability to explore new movement as well as develop a personal dance style. Dancers work on showing abstract ideas through style and unique movement. Contemporary dance helps with picking up new movement quickly as well as developing improvisational skills. This area of dance is also becoming increasingly popular as it is seen on several popular TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Moms.


Tap Dance

Tap is an exciting and fun dance style in which dancers wear special shoes equipped with Tap Dance Ametal taps. Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. Tap dance classes are designed to develop rhythm, coordination, technique, confidence and fitness.

Tap dancing is a fun style of dance that anyone can learn, regardless of previous dance experience. Benefits of learning tap dance include an increase in cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility and coordination. Tap builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. Cognitive abilities are also enhanced, as tap dancers must develop both mental and muscle memory to become proficient at tapping.

Tap dancing also develops a great sense of rhythm and timing. Tap instructors help students focus on musical awareness while incorporating tap steps and combinations. But best of all? Tap dance is incredibly fun!!


Adult Barre Body

Our Adult Barre Body class combines the fundamentals of a classical ballet class along withAdult Barre A a fusion of elements taken from Pilates training and Yoga creating a class that is designed to work your entire body, sculpting longer, leaner muscles whilst remaining low impact. We have a class aimed at a beginner level where no previous dance experience required as well as an intermediate class for those with some experience.

The Barre Body class offered at DiLi utilises an interval training format (raising and lowering the heart rate), which means that you get fast results as fat burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout. Barre Body also gives special attention to lesser used muscles, resulting in a total body toning effect.


Adult Tap Dance

Tap dancing is a fun and energetic style of dance that anyone can learn, regardless ofAdult Tap A previous dance experience. Tap dancing is beneficial in many ways include increased fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination. Tap builds strength in the legs, abdominals, butt and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles.

Cognitive abilities are also enhanced, as tap dancers must develop both mental and muscle memory to become proficient at tapping. Tap dancing also requires a lot of weight shift – this improves your balance, coordination and core control, which means better posture and less back pain.

Tap dancing also develops a great sense of rhythm and timing. Tap instructors help students focus on music awareness while incorporating tap steps and combinations. At DiLi, our adult tap dance classes are also very social with friendly conversation and support as tap dancers share and learn new skills.


Performance Groups

Performance Groups are a great opportunity for students to learn dance routines that theyPerformance Group C then perform at different events and charities, as well as competing in the Mount Isa Eisteddfod.

This class offers a next level up for students who want to push their technique and further develop their performance skills. Additional rehearsal time and performance time will be required as well as the purchase of costumes, however the experience gained is invaluable for developing teamwork, courage, independence, drive, confidence as well as increased technical ability.

Students participating in the Performance Group must be enrolled in at least one other dance class at DiLi.


Boys Hip Hop

At DiLi, our Boys Hip Hop classes are designed to teach students the latest urban danceBoys Hip Hop B styles often seen in popular video clips from artists such as Justice Crew. Using a mixture of dance styles from breakdance, hip hop, and popping & locking, these classes develop rhythm, co-ordination, and confidence.

We have specific boys only Hip Hop classes where students learn the latest urban dance techniques in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment. Boys are given the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, musicality, creativity and are also encouraged to develop their own personal style. Our Boys Hip Hop classes are a great place to develop a physical skill with friends while having heaps of fun!


Private Training

We offer private one on one coaching to prepare dance students for competitions,Private Coaching A scholarships and eisteddfods. Students wanting to perform a solo or duo in the Mount Isa Eisteddfod will be required to attend private coaching, but any students looking for a way to improve their dance technique and push themselves can engage in private coaching sessions.

Miss Sally also offers private one on one training to any students wishing to improve their dance skills, conditioning and technique. Miss Sally can offer the opportunity for your young dancer to gain a technical edge over the competition while building their confidence, musicality and focus.