Did You Know?

#didyouknow  that DiLi – Dream it, Live it supports your child to be involved in similar activities with other local providers?!

⭐ Your child wants to participate in dance classes with DiLi and another dance school? No Problem!

⭐ Your child wants to do gymnastics as well as dance? Great!

At DiLi, we understand that exposure to a variety of sports and performing arts activities allows your child the opportunity to reap the rewards of being exposed to the amazing teachers and coaches we have in Mount Isa, who have a wealth of training and experience.

Will being exposed to different teaching styles and methodologies harm your child’s progress? …it is more likely that this exposure will make them more adaptable, more resilient, and more likely to develop life long skills such as problem-solving, communication, team work and working independently, confidence, connection, creativity, character and caring.

It is also incredibly FUN and REWARDING to feel included and to belong in more than one group ??

Check out the LINKS page of our website to see a list of awesome local service providers: https://dreamitliveit.com.au/links/

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