It’s Eisteddfod Time!

The Mount Isa Eisteddfod is a fantastic showcase of local talent!

The DiLi – Dream it, Live it performance group students will be competing Friday 14th June from 6.00pm at the Mount Isa Civic Centre and our solo & duo performers will all be competing from Thursday 13th through to Sunday 16th June.

Tickets for day sessions are just $3 and evening sessions $5. Entry for children under 12 and pensioners is free. Guests can access light meals and snacks during day sessions, and a cash bar will be available during evening sessions with wine and beer available for purchase.

SOLO & DUO performers
THURSDAY 13th JUNE 8.30am Session:
Ava New – Tiny Tots Solo
Aurelia Armstrong – Contemporary Solo
Addison Goldstein – Contemporary Solo
Ashleigh Ryan – Contemporary Solo
Mardi McLure – Contemporary Solo
Mayce Young – Contemporary Solo

THURSDAY 13th JUNE 1.00pm Session:
Savanna Burford – Novelty Solo
Mayce Young – Novelty Solo

THURSDAY 13th JUNE 6.00pm Session
Tia Bird – Variety Solo

FRIDAY 14th JUNE 8.30am Session:
Mayce Young – Jazz Solo
Paige Marshall – Contemporary Solo
Indya Burford – Contemporary Solo
Cadence Morris – Contemporary Solo
Charli Marshall – Jazz Solo

FRIDAY 14th JUNE 1.00pm Session:
Amaris Ogunlola – Contemporary Solo
Savanna Burford – Contemporary Solo
Izalea Patuwai – Contemporary Solo
Mayce Young – Slow Modern Improvisation
Lily Young – Slow Modern Improvisation

FRIDAY 14th JUNE 6.00pm Session
Junior DiLi Lyrial Group – Halellujah
Intermediate DiLi Contemporary Group – Saw
Senior DiLi Contemporary Group – Red Confusion
Junior DiLi Jazz Group – Hip to Be Square
Intermediate DiLi Jazz Group – A Little Party
Senior DiLi Jazz Group – End of Time
Intermediate DiLi AcroDance Group – Pretty Girls
Senior DiLi AcroDance Group – Give Me Love

SATURDAY 15th JUNE 1.00pm Session:
Kaylee Pope – Contemporary Solo
Jesika Russell – Contemporary Solo
Mia Eaton-Campbell – Contemporary Solo
Kady Cheshire – Contemporary Solo
Kady Cheshire – Jazz Solo

SATURDAY 15th JUNE 6.00pm Session:
Indya Burford – Jazz Solo
Lily Young – Jazz Solo
Cadence Morris – Jazz Solo

SUNDAY 16th JUNE 8.30am Session:
Mayce Young & Lily Young – Jazz Duo
Kirby Bangs & Zoe Ivanov – Jazz Duo
Davida Skelton & Kaylee Pope – Contemporary Duo
Jade Byrne & Davida Skelton – Tap Duo
Alyssa Willis & Mardi McLure – AcroDance Duo

SUNDAY 16th JUNE 1.00pm Session:
Jade Byrne – Tap Solo
Mia Eaton-Campbell – AcroDance Solo
Lily Young – Contemporary Solo

DiLi recognised at the 2018 Northern Outback Business Awards

Saturday 3rd November saw Mount Isa’s Buchanan Park Entertainment Centre transformed to a Bavarian beer hall where 400 of the region’s top business representatives and their guests gathered for the Oktoberfest themed 2018 Northern Outback Business Awards.

Hosted by Commerce North West, the gala evening recognised the efforts and achievements of individuals and businesses throughout the Northern Outback region; with nominations eligible from the local Government areas of Boulia, Burke, Carpentaria, Cloncurry, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Flinders, McKinlay, Mornington, Mount Isa and Richmond.

Awards acknowledged both business and customer service excellence in over 25
categories. DiLi – Dream it, Live it was awarded the Service Excellence Award, Business Growth Award and Sally Prendergast was recognised with the Customer Service Hero Award.

The 2018 Northern Outback Business Awards was a wonderful event showcasing the inspirational businesses and individuals creating wonderful products and services within our community.

Did You Know?

#didyouknow  that DiLi – Dream it, Live it supports your child to be involved in similar activities with other local providers?!

⭐ Your child wants to participate in dance classes with DiLi and another dance school? No Problem!

⭐ Your child wants to do gymnastics as well as dance? Great!

At DiLi, we understand that exposure to a variety of sports and performing arts activities allows your child the opportunity to reap the rewards of being exposed to the amazing teachers and coaches we have in Mount Isa, who have a wealth of training and experience.

Will being exposed to different teaching styles and methodologies harm your child’s progress? …it is more likely that this exposure will make them more adaptable, more resilient, and more likely to develop life long skills such as problem-solving, communication, team work and working independently, confidence, connection, creativity, character and caring.

It is also incredibly FUN and REWARDING to feel included and to belong in more than one group ??

Check out the LINKS page of our website to see a list of awesome local service providers:

What is the difference between AcroDance & Gymnastics?

AcroDance & Gymnastics are both fantastic activities for kids and in Mount Isa we are spoilt for choice with two dance schools offering AcroDance and two fully equipped and accredited Gymnastics clubs with a range of great programs on offer!

Many of our students at DiLi – Dream it, Live it do both AcroDance and Gymnastics. We love that they have the opportunity to do both! Our instructors make sure that our Acrodance students understand that the same skill may be taught differently from AcroDance to Gymnastics and that neither is wrong – they are just different to allow for the difference in flooring and artistic requirements.

We also get asked regularly which style of dance is best to assist in the development of a gymnast. The truth is that none align directly to the specific requirements of a gymnast’s floor and beam routines. Classical Ballet is a technical foundation style for dance students, however it focuses heavily on turned out leg positions and rounded flowing arm movements – these are in contrast to the dance elements executed in gymnastics.

We recommend that gymnasts wishing to improve their dance skills, conditioning and technique engage in Private Coaching. Miss Sally has extensive experience in teaching beam and floor routines for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics levels 3-6 and she can give your gymnast the opportunity to gain a technical edge over the competition while building their confidence, musicality and focus.

So what is the difference between AcroDance & Gymnastics?

AcroDance is performed by blending dance with acrobatic elements while preparing to execute these skills safely on a hard stage floor. Some of the skills look similar to gymnastic elements but dancers are trained differently to allow for the difference in flooring. The top concern of every AcroDance Instructor is to train dancers safely with strong technique. A safe dancer is a healthy dancer!

Sport vs. Art:

Gymnastics is considered a sport while for the most-part dance is considered a performing art. This difference shapes the way that skills are taught and executed. In gymnastics there are set point deductions for specific errors and difficulty incentives that create higher start values when executed well. Competitive dance does not have specific technical requirements and the scoring systems vary greatly at each competition compared to the universal judging mandated in gymnastics.

The main difference for instructors of AcroDance is the consideration of the artistic process. In gymnastics there is a general outline for each routine that is pre-established by the required skills on the apparatus. Tumbling passes and core content is then strung together by connecting steps. This form of choreographic blocking limits any artistic freedom. In dance the canvas is blank, and the rules are few ensuring that artistic development is the cornerstone to what makes dance a performing art.

Technical Variations:

It is the nature of sport to perform skills with the optimal score in mind; it is the nature of art to allow for expression. Dancers make choices in the execution of their art form to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Dancers focus on transitional steps and the ability to engage the audience at all times while gymnastics is viewed from stadium seating which encourages projection to all four sides of the floor.

Equipment vs. Dance Floor:

The Vault, Bars and Beam exercises found in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics aren’t commonly found in dance performance; they do however sometimes show up in the circus community. The music and choreography in a gymnastics floor routine has similarities to acrobatic dance but gymnasts are aided by a sprung floor, which allows for the execution of skills you don’t typically see on a hard floor.

Dancers don’t get the “rebound” action out of a hard floor like gymnasts do out of a sprung-floor. This means that dancers must train differently to get the necessary lift from their bodies to safely make their skills look light and effortless. The way a dancer tumbles on a hard floor has to absorb impact and protect the dancer’s joints. In order to aid the aesthetics of dance, there is more splitting and step outs from tumbling sequences in AcroDance rather than the two footed skills typically found in gymnastics floor routines.

In AcroDance, students are trained to dance into and out of Acro skills, with minimal obvious preparation before or afterwards. Despite being technically difficult to execute, acrobatic skills are meant to blend in seamlessly with dance steps, providing an extra level of excitement and flair to dance choreography.

Regulatory Committees:

Gymnastics is highly regulated by governing bodies with specific licences and requirements. Dance is ungoverned. There are several organisational bodies in dance but none of them are mandatory to operate in the competitive community.

Both AcroDance and Gymnastics are safe activities when taught in a space that has appropriate flooring allowing for required shock absorption. The type and amount of equipment used for AcroDance vs. Gymnastics can vary due to the different requirements of each activity. Customers should always check the qualifications of the instructor and be sure to watch the instructor in action (high level qualifications do not always ensure a great instructor). Be sure to ask questions and have a clear understanding of how your child is being nurtured and supported.

The Power of ‘I AM…’

I AM… two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality.

Throughout life we go through a conditioning process that creates a mind-set overflowing with ‘I am nots’. We have experiences that allow us to believe inner statements such as: I am not smart, I am not talented, I am not good, I am not attractive, I am unloved or I am unworthy. These, and many more like them, are repeated throughout our developmental years and into adulthood, and become our core defining self-concept.

Overcoming this ‘I am not’ mentality begins with trusting our heart and finding the real truth of who we are. Run through as large a list as you can of the things that you would like to define your life. Then make the shift in your imagination from an ‘I am not’ or ‘I am hoping to become’ to I AM.

It’s ALL about choice. It’s ALL about free will. It’s ALL about energy. The energy that you choose to project is within your control. With this being “true”, what you experience in EVERY aspect of your life is also within your control.

Start right now by telling yourself I AM… and as you continue to speak the words, they will become a reality:
“I am blessed. I am prosperous. I am successful. I am victorious. I am talented. I am creative. I am wise. I am healthy. I am in shape. I am energetic. I am happy. I am passionate. I am strong. I am confident. I am secure. I am beautiful. I am attractive. I am valuable. I am free. I am forgiven. I am accepted. I am approved. I am prepared. I am qualified. I am motivated. I am focused. I am disciplined. I am determined. I am patient. I am kind. I am generous. I am excellent. I am equipped. I am empowered. I am capable.”

DiLi launches DanceStep!

DiLi – Dream it, Live it is now a registered affiliated studio of the DanceStep Student Teacher Education Program!

DanceStep empowers Student Teachers to take care of others and guides them to be leaders and role models. This program covers assistant teaching skills such as behaviour management, different learning needs and styles, Safe Dance Principles and Anatomy to name just a few.

As an affiliate member of the DanceStep program DiLi is proud to be able to provide this opportunity for our dancers to flourish not only as young people, but to also watch them grow into competent and confident assistant teachers and student leaders.

DanceStep is a long-term progressive program offered to DiLi – Dream it, Live it students from 11 years of age. Each level takes one year to complete and as Student Teachers progress through the levels they have opportunities to take on more responsibilities and roles within the DiLi team!

Click HERE to find out more and to apply to the DanceStep program at DiLi!

DiLi at the Mount Isa Rodeo

DiLi – Dream it, Live it  dancers will be performing again in the arena Saturday 11th August at the 2018 Mount Isa Mines Rortary Rodeo! Click HERE to find out more about the rodeo and to buy tickets – this is the Diamond Jubilee 60th Anniversary and it is an event not to be missed!!

DiLi Results from the 2018 Mount Isa Eisteddfod:

GROUP results: 
Junior Jazz Group – 3rd Place
Intermediate Contemporary Group – 1st Place
Intermediate Jazz Group – 2nd Place
Senior Contemporary Group – 3rd Place
Senior Jazz Group – 2nd Place

SOLO & DUO results:

Savanna Burford Contemporary Solo – 1st Place
Lily Young Contemporary Solo – 1st Place

Kaylee Pope Contemporary Solo – 1st Place

Lily & Mayce Young Jazz Duo – 2nd Place

Claire Smith Contemporary Solo – 2nd Place

Claire Smith & Sarah Hetherton Contemporary Duo – 2nd Place
Indya Burford Jazz Solo – 3rd Place

Jessika Russell & Jorja Bell Jazz Duo – 3rd Place

Jessika Russell Contemporary Solo – 3rd Place

Alysha Hema Hip Hop Solo – Highly Commended

Cadence Morris Jazz Solo – Highly Commended
Aysha Griffin & Tia Bird Jazz Duo – Highly Commended

Paige Marshall Contemporary Solo – Highly Commended

Davida Skelton & Kaylee Pope Contemporary Duo – Highly Commended

I am so proud of these kind, caring, supportive, generous, hard-working, spirited kids for showing up and working together to perform their routines at the Mount Isa Eisteddfod last week!!

Congratulations to all the performers and a HUGE thanks to all of the DiLi family who helped out behind the scenes!! Thank you also to the Mount Isa Eisteddfod Committee for all of your hard work in creating this event!

It’s nearly Eisteddfod Time!

The Mount Isa Eisteddfod is a fantastic showcase of local talent!

The DiLi – Dream it, Live it performance group students will be competing Thursday 31st May from 7.00pm at the Mount Isa Civic Centre and our solo & duo performers will all be competing Friday 1st June.

Doors open at 6.30pm for the evening session and tickets are $5 for adults, FREE for pensioners and children (17 years and under).  Our students have been working incredibly hard and we would love it if the rest of the DiLi family could all come along to support them!

Approximate Performance times for groups on Thursday 31st May:
7.45pm  Senior Jazz Group
8.10pm  Intermediate Contemporary Group
8.30pm  Senior Contemporary Group
9.15pm  Junior Jazz Group
9.15pm  Intermediate Jazz Group

SOLO & DUO approximate performance times on Friday 1st June:
1.30pm  Alysha Hema – Hip Hop Solo

2.00pm  Cadence Morris – Jazz Solo

2.00pm  Indya Burford – Jazz Solo
3.00pm  Aysha Griffin & Tia Bird – Jazz Duo

3.00pm  Jessika Russel & Jorja Bell – Jazz Duo

3.45pm  Lily & Mayce Young – Jazz Duo
7.10pm  Savanna Burford – Contemporary Solo
7.25pm  Lily Young – Contemporary Solo

7.25pm  Paige Marshall – Contemporary Solo
7.45pm  Kady Cheshire – Contemporary Solo
7.45pm  Macy Young – Contemporary Solo
7.45pm  Mia Eaton-Campbell – Contemporary Solo
8.30pm  Jorja Bell – Contemporary Solo
8.50pm  Claire Smith – Contemporary Solo
8.50pm  Kaylee Pope – Contemporary Solo

8.50pm  Jessika Russell – Contemporary Solo

9.15pm  Claire Smith & Sarah Hetherton – Contemporary Duo
9.15pm  Davida Skelton & Kaylee Pope – Contemporary Duo