Ballet Classes

Ballet is a beautiful style of dance and is a foundation for all other styles of dance.  In fact, ballet classes are a wonderful foundation for all types of physical activity including gymnastics, martial arts, swimming and more!

Ballet Classes teach fitness, strength and flexibility alongside artistry, musicality and creativity. At DiLi – Dream it Live it in Mount Isa, ballet classes are run in an open format allowing dancers to develop their expression and creativity alongside the development of their technique.

A classical ballet class has two distinct parts being the barre and the centre. Barre exercises allow for basic training and focus on correct muscle use and alignment as movement is broken down into smaller parts with the support of the barre for balance. The centre exercises in a ballet class allow for longer and more complex combinations as students develop their technique and become more confident.

At the highest level, classical ballet dancers are able to fly through the air with impressive jumps, turn and spin with immense speed in pirouettes and display great beauty and artistry through dance movements and mime. Classical ballet is a lot of fun and is a wonderful foundation for all other styles of dance!

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